How To Let Your Truth Bloom – 4 Tips

Want to know how I found my truth? By doing the things below and trust me – I’ve struggled with all of them. Even about little things. I’m still working with them on the daily. It takes practice just like everything else. Start small and build that muscle.

1. Honor that tiny voice – listen to your gut.

Start small- it’s as simple as making a turn in the car which you find out would have kept you from getting stuck in traffic. Maybe it’s taking a nap when you think you should be working. Maybe it’s bigger – ending a friendship that is an energetic and emotional drain on you. Or maybe it’s really looking at the job you’re in and deciding if it’s really what brings you joy. I finally started honoring that gut feeling in little ways – making that turn or finding some me time. I’ve done all the above and I still listen to those little nudges and they pay off every time. The more you listen and honor it, the louder it gets and the more you’ll listen. Or maybe you just get better at listening.

2. Be silly. Do something that makes you giggle like a little kid.

Perhaps dancing to your favorite song like you mean it. Maybe it’s literally smelling the roses. Or maybe it’s laying in the grass and staring at the clouds as they roll by finding shapes. Maybe it’s painting or singing or some other artistic pursuit. Maybe it’s just coloring in a coloring book. Or maybe it’s just rolling around on the floor. This one makes me giggle like crazy. There’s something about rolling on the ground that tickles me.

The point is to relax and keep that childlike wonder about you. We forget this as we get older because we think “I’m an adult I have to behave like an adult.” Boring and you miss out on loads of smiles and lots of giggles. Laughing is a really healthy thing to do – especially at yourself.

3. Figure out how you want to feel in life, in your body, in your job, in your relationships.

I love Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map. Once you answer those questions you’ll have a list of words or phrases that describe how you really want to feel. I do this at the beginning of each year. And then I skinny it down to a few I can concentrate on for the year. I write them on my mirror so I see them everyday. Yes I do! Anyone coming in my house can see. Here they are for your viewing pleasure: sexy, healer, expansive, bliss, truth, light. Doing things to ensure you feel those desired feelings helps your truth bloom.

4. Be honest with yourself.

I saw your eyes roll back in your head and I heard that whine in your voice “I am being honest with myself!” Saying things like “I need to lose weight, make more money, have a bigger house, get married, get a boy/girlfriend, be taller/smarter/prettier/richer is not what I’m talking about. Why do you want to be taller/smarter/prettier/richer? And then keep asking why until you figure out what started those asinine thoughts in the first place.

It’s an important step to finding your truth and then letting it bloom. Some other questions I found that help clarify things “Why do I get annoyed when they ask me to do something?” Or “If money and time were not a problem, what would I be doing?” Or “Why do I think/say/do rude things to people who appear happy/pretty/together?” We stop at “I got annoyed because they’re annoying/dumb/ dramatic etc.” instead of going deeper to understand why. At least I did. Here’s what I found: I would rather do something else than what they asked and I didn’t say anything so I felt put upon and annoyed – as it turned out – at myself. See my blog post on this “Am I Being Selfish?”

We often stop at the surface because we’re afraid of what we’ll find. What if we’re just a crappy person or just mean? Usually what you find is some event or thing or happening that caused you to form an opinion about the situation and you stuck with it even though it could be an outdated patten. Maybe recent or past – just finding it and observing it – no judgment just observation helps you see it’s time to let that thought pattern go.

Again, I do these on the regular and I’m still figuring out stuff. Every time I do – more of my truth is exposed. Leave me a comment and let me know in if you try one of these and how it worked out or if you have any tips of your own you’d like to share.

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