One Inch Every Day

one inch

When we’re working on a change in our lives – a goal (large or small), our dreams – fitting those uber important things into our lives can seem daunting. We’re already working full time and trying to have a social life, family life, and healthy life.

How do we work those things into our lives so we bring more joy and fulfillment in? One inch every day. One inch towards that dream every day. One inch towards losing those extra pounds every day. One inch towards learning a new habit every day.

How do you move one inch closer every day? Here are some ideas:

  • Say hello to one person you meet on the street or just smile at them
  • Write for 5 minutes or write a single sentence or just write blah, blah, blah if no words come
  • Take a walk for 5 minutes or walk around the block or just put your shoes on
  • Eat a piece of fruit instead of a piece of toast and jam or candy or snack bar
  • Sit in silence for 1 minute or 10 seconds (you can do anything for 10 seconds)
  • Write for 5 minutes all you’re grateful for today or write one thing
  • Practice that new skill for 5 minutes or 30 seconds
  • Learn to read labels on products or just pull up the webpage for later
  • Read for 5 minutes from the book you want to start or read a single paragraph or just put the book where you can see it and bookmark the page
  • Hold a triumphant stance for 1 minute or 10 seconds
  • Play with your spouse, kids, friends for 5 minutes or just hug them
  • Draw for 1 minute or just get out the pencil and paper
  • Brainstorm that idea for 1 minute – write it down or just write down the idea
  • Hold a plank position for 20 seconds (or 10 or 30 – on your elbows if needed)
  • Say ‘I Love You’ to one person or to yourself (especially to yourself)
  • Drink one glass of water instead of one soda
  • Get on your yoga mat and stretch for 5 minutes or just sit on the mat
  • Talk to someone about the ‘thing’ for 5 minutes or just tell them you’d like to talk about the ‘thing’ at some point

If you choose an amount of time, set a timer. The amount of time isn’t really the point, the fact that you are doing the ‘thing’ is. One inch is a tiny, micro movement forward and those movements done daily propel you in the right direction.

You just have to move one inch closer every single day towards the goal. We look at change and see this huge, insurmountable, gigantic mountain of change. If we can just move toward that end every single day, we can ensure success. Why?

Stringing together an inch every day soon becomes a few inches, then a foot, then a couple feet, then a yard, then several yards, and then a mile. If you can move one inch, just an inch, every day, you are moving closer to your goal – to making that change you so desire. When a single step forward seems impossible, just move an inch every day.

I’d love to hear how you can move one inch toward your goal every single day – leave your inch in the comments below.

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