Waves of Emotion

I recently took a day trip to Bimini, Bahamas. (Well worth it to spend a day on island time.)

I found when you’re on the edge of the water, the waves will toss you about like a rag doll. Even if the waves are small. When you go into somewhat deeper water and explore further from the shore, the waves are easier to manage. You can see them coming and ride them with greater ease. (You can also avoid that mass of sand in places to discover later!)

Got me thinking. How often do we sit at the edge of our emotions getting tossed about and rolled around in the next wave of emotion? Simply because we’re afraid to go deeper into the waters of our feelings and explore what’s there. Once we get past the rocky shores, we can walk in calmer water. Even though there are still emotional waves – we can better see them coming and bob with them. Let them flow by. Feel them. Experience them. And move on. 

Staying in the shallows and surface emotions prevents us from finding out what deeper feelings are there and why we are experiencing the emotional tides. Exploring the deeper waters ,while still touching the sand, allows us to understand the triggers, see those emotions building and decide how to handle them instead of them handling us. 

So go deeper and find the calmer waters. Learn to see the waves coming and flow with them. Feel them and let them roll on by. The shore is always there if you need it. 

I’d love to hear how exploring the deeper feelings has helped you better deal with the emotional waves in your life. Comment below and join the conversation.

2 thoughts on “Waves of Emotion

  1. I think we’re mostly afraid to explore our deeper emotions. Most are raised that showing emotions is a weakness. Therefore, adulthood emotions are stuffed or buried. So much research has gone in to proving that way of handling our emotions has led to what I call a sickness epidemic. It’s crazy how sick our society is, yet we are supposedly one of the smartest Nations! No, I don’t think our mishandling of emotions is the primary reasons for our state of health, but it is definetely one of the reasons!

    1. I agree! You are so right. I truly believe the burying of emotions causes so much disease. Emotions have energy and when we stuff them down that energy gets thicker and denser causing all kinds of havoc. Thank you for your comments Shana!

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