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Energy is EVERYTHING: You’re an energetic being and receive and transmit energy all the time. We are walking vibes & frequencies.

Energy Vibes Feelings: How are all three interrelated? How does one affect the other? How does it affect YOU?

Feelings are a response to the energy around you & in you: Learn how to discern your feelings from those around you & use your feelings as a guide to knowing yourself better.

Tap into the Energy Vibes Feelings with Tools: Grow in your understanding of, and ability to, tap into the energy vibes & feelings you’re experiencing. Learn to use simple tools & techniques to do this.


Journal prompts and homework: I have added journal prompts and homework (the fun kind) to help you integrate these principles into your life. Integration is key. This will come in the form of a workbook for you to keep, print again and again as you embody what you’ve learned.

Bonus Module: I have added a bonus module on managing your energy around social injustice. You have access to this bonus immediately.

Receive Lifetime Access to this course: You get lifetime access to this course. If I add ANY new material, you get access to that material for FREE – FOREVER!

Special surprise bonus: A special surprise bonus will await you inside – yours to keep!

Here’s the Content

💫Topic 1: What is Energy?: The basics. Scientific perspective and how this fits with a woo perspective. Even a little Quantum Mechanics thrown in.

💫Topic 2: Energy Effects: How does energy vibes and feelings affect you? How does your energy affect others? How are you affected by others energy?

💫Topic 3: Energetic Exchange and Energetic Cord Cutting: When we meet people or interact with them there is an energetic exchange. Depending on the relationship or energetic impact, we may need to cut the energetic cords.

💫Topic 4: Protecting your Energy: Tools & Modalities: Protecting your energy is incredibly important. I teach you super easy tools to protect your energy as well as give you information on widely available energetic healing modalities

💫Topic 5: Protecting your Energy: Choice: Probably the most simple tool we have – Choice. How to use recognize when you have a choice to make – you ALWAYS have a choice – about protecting your energy.

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