Below are the resources I rely on for speaking my truth, keeping my body healthy, and my mind clear. They are all highly recommended.

Emily Keating, LMP
Intuitive Massage Therapist for humans and canines

Dr. Tara Rohrbach, DC – Bodhi Chiropractic & Wellness
Network Spinal Analysis, Holistic Healing

Amber West, EAMP – 5 Lights Acupuncture
5 Element Acupuncture, Community Clinics, Sound Healing

Leslie Holmes, CRM – Follow the Animals
Pet Care Provider, Reiki, Intuitive Healer

Andrea Rae, LMP, CRM, CPB  – Alinga Studios
Energy & Bodywork Practitioner, Crystals, Intuitive Channeling

Dianne Dickerson – Spirit Gems
Crystals, Rocks, and Gifts for the Soul

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