How do you want to FEEL?

Setting goals for the new year. Resolutions! Change! Most people try to start living clean, exercising more, or decide they want a new house, a new job, or a raise. These are all admirable and exciting goals. What happens when you reach that goal? For me it was looking around going – hmmm – what now? It was kind of empty once the excitement of reaching the goal faded. So I found a way to figure out how to set some goals with soul by asking the question “How do I want to feel?”. In every area of my life, how do I want to feel. It’s really changed everything – how I make decisions, how I approach my day. Check out the Desire Map and see if it resonates with you.

Want to make some extra money in 2015 in a really soulful way? Check out the Desire Map Licensing program. The Desire Map Licensing Program is one of the most soulful (non-sleazy) businesses-in-a-box out there. Based on the book The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte, the Licensing Program prepares anyone with vision and moxie to lead Desire Map workshops anywhere on the planet. Prosper while changing lives.  Check it out here.


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