The Light of Love is still there

Sometimes you feel like the light is gone – that light that illuminates you and provides you guidance in the darkest of hours. Where has it gone when you need it most? It’s still there. It’s just behind the clouds that are passing through your life at that moment. If you can just wait for a bit to see the clouds pass and the light pop out like the moon on a cloudy night. It’s still shining brightly even though it’s hidden by the clouds passing over it. Be patient and look again. The clouds will pass and you’ll feel yourself again. This could manifest as feeling like you’re going nowhere fast or that you’re moving side to side instead of moving forward. That’s indicative of this time of year – the water element and winter. Try to go with the flow and understand you’ll move forward soon. The light is still there. It’s always there. Trust that. Even on the darkest of nights of the soul.


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