Happy New Year!


When the new year arrives we begin thinking about resolutions, goals, new year, new me. In recent years, I’ve started by reviewing the prior year to get a perspective on all the things I’ve accomplished – big & small. Especially the small. Those tiny steps toward a goal are the most important. Yes it’s great to have accomplished some bigger things, however, it’s all the small, one inch steps, we’ve made along the way that lead to the big breakthrough’s.

So I challenge you to start the year with a review of all your tiny steps forward in 2015. Tiny or tinier – they are steps forward. Whether you simply put those workout clothes on every day, held your tongue to keep the peace during the holidays, or spoke up, however quietly when that person took a dig at you, it counts. Here are some of mine just to get us started: find a few seconds to do 10 squats every day (in my PJs in the kitchen, bath or hallway), using an app to remind me to take a deep breath once a day, drink more water than coffee (most days), send a follow up email to new clients just to check in, and work hard to always accept people where they are.

There are others that I have for 2015 – the purpose is to see all the good that has happened and the progress made. 2015 was a tough, trying and utterly transformative year. We were forced to look internally and closely; now we can enjoy the hard work we had to put in. 2016 is the year of action – so spend a few minutes thinking and writing down your many inches. Be proud of the work and progress and get ready for things to start moving. I look forward to a fantastic and fulfilling 2016!


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