Are you a Dream Killer?

Are you a dream killer? Do you know a dream killer? A dream killer is someone who instead of listening to someone else’s dreams (or your own dreams), they crush the life out of them before they even start.

When you have an idea or a dream, it’s just a tiny little thing – an embryo of an idea – full of potential. When you tell a dream killer  – they see fear and failure. Or maybe even competition (ladies). They may not understand the idea. And they crush it before it begins. Often telling you it’ll never be anything – get a real job – why would you think you could do that? Who’s going to take you seriously? Crush. The. Life. Right. Out. In an instant – the idea that brought you joy is now lying there lifeless and disappearing into the ether. And you let it go. Walking away because someone took a hatchet to a fledgling before it even began to roll over let alone crawl and perhaps fly.

Why do we listen to those ignorant and uninformed and likely fearful people (or voices)? And hear this – this could be that voice in you OWN head. The dream killer could be you. Or someone in your life. Or you could be someone else’s dream killer.

Because most of the time we share our dreams with those we love and trust – we accept their fear as our own, their ignorance as truth, and their damage as the only answer.

Whether you’re killing your own dreams, someone else’s or having your idea’s life snuffed out – there is another way. Believe in your dreams. Understand that what someone says is their fear talking and not their compassion if they’re swinging the fear machete. Protect you tiny idea and find the support with someone else who will just listen. Listen without judgement or comment. Even if they disagree and even if you disagree. Let them explore the possibilities on their own. Sometimes the tiny dream grows wings and sometimes it falters and other times it will morph into a completely different idea.

If it’s killed before it even breathes – we will never know what might become of that dream. Be a dream listener and look for others who will listen. Every dream deserves to have its own life however long that is. When it’s birthed into the world, it should be allowed to grow without fear of being killed as soon as it began – by you or anyone else.

So are you a dream killer? Know someone who is? How do you deal with them or yourself? Will you start listening and looking for others who will listen? Tell us more in the comments below.

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