Reiki 1 Certification

Reiki Level 1

In this first class in the Reiki Practitioner certification, you’ll learn the background and history of Reiki. You’ll also receive an overview of the chakras and associated organs, ethics of working with others, and a demonstration of the hands-on healing positions for offering Reiki to oneself, others, animals, etc.   You’ll receive a traditional Reiki attunement to establish yourself as a channel for Reiki healing energy and be able to practice Reiki on yourself and others.

This will be a personalized experience for everyone taking the class. The class will be kept to 4-6 people in order to ensure there is space for everyone to participate and receive the personalized information and experience needed.

There is no prerequisite for this class. This is a one day class that runs 10:00am to 5:30 pm. Tuition is $200.

Where: 2311 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA
Facilitated by Reiki Master – Elizabeth Terry
When: October 19, 2014

*** Pay Now to reserve your place in this class. Email or call (206) 915-9533.  If you would like to pay for the class by credit card, payments will be processed no more than 30 days before the class, unless otherwise arranged. Expect an invoice for payment 30 days before the class.

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